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Kaohsiung Public Bike Rental System Terms of Service

The Kaohsiung Public Bike Rental System (the "System") is owned by the Environmental Protection Bureau Kaohsiung City Government (the “Bureau”) .The System is an automated location-to-locationbike rental service. By using the System, you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of this registration and the use of the System.

Refers to people who use IC Card after registration at the Kaohsiung Public Bike’s official website, Kiosks (automatic service machines), and is limited to one person.

3. Requirements for registration and privacy protection
(1) By using this service, you agree to follow these terms:
a. You agree to provide accurate and complete information about yourself when required by the Service’s registration form (the "Registration Data") and ensure your Registration Data is kept up to date.
b. It is not allowed to obtain or use others’ data through theft, fraud or other improper means.
c. If you provide wrong, false, or incomplete information on the above categories, the System reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to all or part of the Service.
d. In the event that you change your personal information, your IC Card has been stolen, or any other breach of security occurs, you must immediately notify the service center (0800-255995) immediately.

(2) Privacy Policy
About your registration and other specific information to the “Bureau” are all in accordance with "Personal Data Protection Act" to be protected and specifications. You understand when you use the Service, you agree within a reasonable range based on "Personal Data Protection Act" to collect and legal use of your personal data, including the transmission and storage of the system, Kaohsiung public bicycle billing and settlement system, card and credit card issuing companies.  Transmission and storage between companies.

a. Personal data collection category
According to the "Special Purposes of Personal Data Protection Act and the Category of Personal Data", the types of personal information you provide for the use of this service include: name, identity card uniform number (or passport number), date of birth, mobile phone number, Address, and e-ticket number. If the personal data is untrue, incomplete or incorrect, the Office reserves the right to suspend or terminate all or part of your use of the Service.

b. Personal data utilization period, object, region, method
 Period: The longest period listed below shall prevail.
i. The duration of a specific purpose.
ii. the period of preservation required by the relevant laws or regulations or for the execution of the business (such as the regulations governing the issuance of electronic tickets)
iii. The period of preservation necessary for the execution of the business or the number of years of storage as specified in the individual contract.
 Personal data utilization area: Taiwan area
 Object:
i. The firm and the business commissioned by the company.
ii. The financial supervision authority may have the right to investigate or supervise according to law.
 Method: 
In accordance with the provisions of the law to automate machines or other non-automated use.

c. Purpose of use of personal data
According to the "Special Purposes of Personal Data rotection Law and the Category of Personal Data", your personal data will be used for purposes such as: (001) life insurance, (059) financial services industry regulations and financial supervision requirements. And use, (060) financial disputes, (063) non-public affairs agencies to define the processing and use of personal data, (067) credit card, cash card, debit card or electronic ticket business (069) contract, similar contract Or other legal relations matters, (090) consumers, customer management and services, (135) capital (communication) services, (136) resources (communication) and database management, (137) security and management, ( 157) Investigation, statistics and research analysis.

d. You understand that when you use the Service, you will provide the personal data of this Council in accordance with the provisions of 3., (2) and i. It will be used internally by the Bureau, the commissioned operators and partners within the scope of the purposes specified in the preceding paragraph. 

e. Inquiries, Reading and Deletion of Personal Data The collection and storage of your personal data by the Service may be directed to this Council, unless otherwise provided by the Act:
(i) Query or request to view your personal data.
(ii) Request for a copy of your personal data.
(iii) Request to supplement or correct your personal data.
(iv) Request to stop collecting, using or processing your personal data.
(v) Request to delete your personal data.

(3) After completing the Service's registration process, applicants are required to keep the registered IC Card safe. You also agree to the following:
a. You must not obtain IC Card and their license numbers by improper means such as theft or fraudulent use.
b. If your IC Card or its e-wallet is stolen or any other security issue occurs, you will immediately notify the rental system customer service hotline 0800-255995.

(4) Protection of children and adolescents
In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, if you are incapacitated or underage, in addition to complying with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, and your parents (or guardians) should read, understand and agree to all the contents of these registration terms before they can use or continue to use. This rental system. When you use or continue to use the rental system, it is presumed that your parent (or guardian) has read, understood and agreed to be bound by these registration terms.

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