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The Rental Information of Kaohsiung Public Bike 2019 Mar.

1.The bikes were used 405,359 times in 2019 Mar., increasing 42,339 rentals over last month, yet decreasing 34,896 trips in the same month last year. The average turnover rate is 4.76 time/bike/day, the maximum turnover rate is 5.87 time/bike/day.

2.The most intensive rental period is from 17:00 to 17:59, the total of 54,729 rentals; the second intensive period is from 16:00 to 16:59, the total of 42,048 rentals, and the third intensive rental period is from 18:00 to 18:59, the total of 38,040 rentals.

3.Analyzing the top five rental frequency of stations, the first is Kaohsiung Arena station, the total of 11,412 rentals; the second is Aozihdi station, the total of 7,463 rentals; the third is Central Park station, the total of 7,453 rentals; the fourth is Houyi station, the total of 7,110 rentals; the fifth is Sanduo Shopping District station, the total of 6,545 rentals.

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