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The Rental Information of Kaohsiung Public Bike 2019 Jun.

1.The bikes were used 341,165 times in 2019 Jun., decreasing 46,971 rentals over last month, yet increasing 2,070 trips in the same month last year. The average turnover rate is 4.00 time/bike/day, the maximum turnover rate is 5.22 time/bike/day.

2.The most intensive rental period is from 17:00 to 17:59, the total of 51,946 rentals; the second intensive period is from 16:00~16:59, the total of 47,977 rentals, and the third intensive rental period is from 18:00~18:59, the total of 42,670 rentals.

3.Analyzing the top five rental frequency of stations, the first is Kaohsiung Arena station, the total of 9,668 rentals; the second is Central Park station, the total of 6,562 rentals; the third is Aozihdi station, the total of 6,504 rentals; the fourth is Houyi station, the total of 6,104 rentals; the fifth is Cultural Center station, the total of 5,595 rentals.

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