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In order to facilitate the use of public bicycles by the public, people use the iPass card rental and do not need to pay a deposit. In order to truly grasp the status of public bicycle rental and return, they must first register with the public after they have logged in with their ID card. This will increase the efficiency of use. The company can also take the initiative to confirm the return of the people to the car to avoid additional rental expenses and vehicle loss due to other factors.

Registered name registration is limited to iPass card that can be stored, such as card, student card and discounted card. If it is not a stored-value iPass card, such as one-day card, one-day visit card, two-day card, roaming card and happiness card, it cannot be named and log in.

The iPass card registered can be used to rent a public bicycle. However, whether or not you have a card right is determined by the registered card. If you use a card or student card, you do not have the right to a registered card. If you use a discount card, you have the right to use the card. Name card rights. That is, the card rights and obligations will be handled in accordance with the original one-card use regulations, and will not be changed due to handling registered names.

Please hold your own national ID card or driving license in person at the MRT station information desk, or call customer service hotline 0800-255995.

Public bikes are a new membership of public transportation system. Through the wild set bike rental stations and develop the electronic rent (membership cards, credit cards) of sensing technology, to establish the bike rental system in big city. With the petrol price dramatic rise and for improvement the air pollution in urban areas, Kaohsiung government encourages people to bike as a short-range transport. The bike system will be built cover urban essential area and all importance of tourist attractions, as well as along with MRT lines and Chong-cheng road. It has both leisure sport and urban landscape features. It builds the road system with saving energy and healthy aerobic. In conjunction with low prices to encourage citizens to choose bicycle as long-term using transportation of a way to develop the green traffic. 

Currently the public bike rental system are available for credit card or iPass which is a named and pre-stored value card, you can rent the public bike from all our rental stations in the Kaohsiung city.

Must be at least 14 years of age (born after December 5 1997), physical and mental conditions were suitable for bicycle riding.

Provide 24 hours free customer service, and Tel no : 0800-255995

In the course of riding, if the vehicle is in trouble, you can go to the nearest rental station to change the vehicle or ask the renter to call customer service phone 0800-255995 to apply for roadside assistance. The rider costs derived during the rescue period are absorbed by this Council. If damage to the vehicle is caused by the user, it shall be liable for compensation and shall be calculated according to the actual maintenance cost; if it is caused by a third party, it shall be paid by a third party.

If it is not returned overnight, this Council will notify the rider and it can be divided into the following 2 cases

1) Continue to rent

2) Dealing with loss

Consumers such as the rental process, bicycle loss or theft occurs, consumers should immediately notify the customer service center, riding charges will immediately stop pricing, and report to the police to obtain a triple report.

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