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Please call the dial customer service number 0800-255995.

The rental station is a 2*16 double-row rental station (EX: Cultural Master Station). Please to confirm whether there is no free space for both sides.

2) Merchants are requested to return the car to a nearby rental station. The rider costs derived from this period are absorbed by this Council.

3) If the public can not reach the nearby rental-free site, please call customer service hotline 0800-255995.

Please call the public bicycle service line to terminate the public bicycle rental service. After that, please return the public bicycle to the rental station.

Note: No daily upper limit for rent fee. It used cumulative to count. It does not recalculate once over 0:00 in the early morning. Less than 30 minutes to 30 minutes

Note: no rental lease daily limit, to adopt cumulative basis, more than 0:00 is not recalculated. Less than 30 minutes to 30 minutes.

When using MRT e-carton to rent the bike, in the card it remains at least needs over 10 NT (include 10 NT). When the rent fees is higher than the value in stored the card, the system does not charge fees and still can return the bike. After please go to MRT stations to store enough value, in next time renting the system will charge the fee with previous rent. If it still not stored enough value, it won`t possible to use the bike rental system once more.

Please call the customer service line to stop leasing cost first, and then contact the bank to follow-up report the loss of work.

To rent a public bike from Kaohsiung City with a high-speed card, a card can be used to borrow a car. However, a card must be registered before it can be used.

To rent a public bicycle in Kaohsiung City with a credit card, one card can be used to borrow a car. When returning, please make sure to confirm the return of the taxi by the public.


I. Underwriting Definition: The insured shall be liable for injury or death of a third person, or damage to a third person due to the following accidents during the insurance period. The insured shall be liable for compensation in case of compensation:

1. An accident occurred in the place of business stated in this policy by the insured or employed person because of his conduct of business.

2. Accidents in buildings, passageways, machines or other work objects in the premises of the insured.

Second, the scope of coverage: the city's public bicycle rental station locations.

When the rental station is full, public bicycles in this city are described as follows:

 1. The public can return the vehicle to a nearby rental site.

 2. The public can dial the free customer service phone number 0800-255995. The customer service staff will guide the people to return the nearby rental station. The ride cost for this section will not be calculated.

1. Kaohsiung City Public Bicycle One-card registration is based on the one-card system. Therefore, if the public wants to replace the new card, the original card must be cancelled.

2. The general public wants to cancel one of the original log-in cartoons. Please call the Advanced Customer Service Hotline 0800-255995 to cancel the original card and register online to complete the new card.

3. Since registered operations involve protection of funds, we urge members of the public to make use of the public bicycle information website ( - click on "Internet Names" to register names, or Public bicycle rental station center console, select member name function.

Since September 1st, 105, all stations at Kaohsiung MRT Express do not provide manual logging and Internet self-service self-service help desk services. Welcome to use the following methods to name the residents.

1. Go to the "Kaohsiung Public Bike Information Network" home page and click on the "Network Naming" function.



2. In each public bicycle rental station center console, select the member name registration function.

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